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Vegan leather inconspicuous mushroom pouch with a waterproof and moisture resistant barrier lining, and a tight water repellent AquaGuard ® zipper to minimize the risk of moisture damage or spoiling. The perfect size for bottles, edibles, dried products, and more.

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As educators and harm reduction advocates we are extremely invested in making sure people have a safe experience. We have created a vegan leather inconspicuous mushroom pouch called the ‘MUSH-STASH’, to help people be more conscious about the importance of safe storing!

It is made in LA and is meant for those who wish to keep their goods in a dark space, secured from moisture. The bag can be stored at home or can be easily transported, as it is a perfect size. It is important to note that the bag is not heat resistant and should be kept out of sunlight or warm areas.


Comes with a Storing 101 manual for educational purposes

Waterproof moisture barrier lining

Moisture and water repellant AquaGuard® zipper

*Zipper can be stiffer because it is almost air-tight

Discrete design

No light exposure

Silica pouch included to absorb any moisture

Vegan leather exterior

15% of proceeds from every bag sold to the Drug Policy Alliance

Made in LA


What are we up against culturally?

Although this bag is a functional and discrete way to store your goods, it is important we are all aware of the consequences and legal limitations depending on geographic location. The War on Drugs is still prevalent and people are being incarcerated for possession of illegal substances and targeted unfairly based on racial discrimination. Although some plant medicine can be beneficial, it is still not accepted by law enforcement in most states in North America. This bag should be carried with extreme caution and is also a great tool to keep at home.

It is about time we focus on facts, science, health, and human rights, we are on a mission to de-stigmatize plant medicine to better humanity. We donate 15% of proceeds from every bag sold to the Drug Policy Alliance - we stand with them in the fight for responsible drug policy and equity.