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WARPED: The Psychedelic Game


Get off of your screens and into your imagination!

An out-of-this-world trippy question-answer card game based on expanding your mind, building community, and laughter.

Ships Feb/Mar 2024.

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Ages 18+ | 3-10 players | Time: 30-90 Minutes

Original Edition of physical boxed game with 330 professionally printed and laser-cut cards.

• Expands your mind through absurdly funny and weird ideas

• Creates ritual and community  

• Improves your mental state through laughter and being present

• Provokes out-of-the-box thinking and creativity

• Is an intentional and positive tool for your trip

• You can take on any adventure (small compact game box)‍


Double Sided answer cards: 440 ANSWERS - A COLOSSAL AMOUNT OF CARD COMBINATIONS! Start each game by choosing either the Bone or Orange side, but get ready to flip them at a moment's notice...

WARPED Cards: Wild cards hidden throughout the deck and pulled at random: each with a different instruction (acting, thinking creatively, connecting with other players).

TRUTH Questions: Really get you thinking!